TROY announces multimillion-dollar strategic investment at a post-money valuation of over $ 100 million

August 20 , 2019, Beijing — TROY, the global prime broker specialized in digital trading, announced a multimillion-dollar strategic investment by global leading investment firms at a post-money valuation of over $100 million. BlockVC, NGC Ventures, Signum Capital, Consensus Lab. Bixin Invest, GBIC and AlphaCoin are lead investors. Troy Trade, derived from Troy Network, is a global prime broker specialized in digital asset trading. We provide digital brokerage services for institutional clients and professional traders with revolutionary trading products.

“The digital asset market is at the edge of a Paradigm Shift. Institutional players from traditional markets have entered the race and have been consistently pursuing market dominance. Meanwhile, the ‘primitive’ infrastructure and services are facing significant challenges.” said Kevin Hsu, Founding Partner of BlockVC. “TROY offers a full stack of customized prime broker solutions including global liquidity, margin financing, asset management and data analytics. The team has leveraged their expertise to achieve astonishing growth. Troy will play an essential role as the revolutionary infrastructure in this Paradigm Shift.”

“The absence of prime broker has limited the potential for digital asset market. TROY’s team always exploits intellectual capital from financial backgrounds and keeps outperforming in digital market. I believe TROY will soon become the best prime broker in this industry.” Said Tony Gu, the Partner of NGC. “As a leading investment firm, NGC keeps implementing a strategic layout of digital landscape across exchanges, banking, data services, derivatives, media and public blockchain projects. NGC will provide TROY with ecological support and industrial synergy to deliver better experiences.”

“The digital assets trading market is still in the early stages of development. In addition, digital assets trading platforms are many and fragmented, thus it is difficult to form a truly global trading market. As the first leading brokerage network in the field of digital assets, TROY, with an excellent founding team of strong tech developers and trading knowledge, brings to the table an industry game changer.” Said John Ng Pangilinan, the Partner of Signum Capital. “Signum Capital, a Singapore-based investment firm, envisages the potential of blockchain technology, integrating data and processes across companies and business ecosystems. We believe that the investment in TROY will bring tremendous progress and innovation to the entire industry.

“Prime brokerage has played an important role in capital markets by providing a wide range of services including clearance, settlement, custody, research and trading solutions. TROY, the next-generation financial infrastructure, has filled in this blank in crypto market.” Said Kevin Ren, the Partner of Consensus Lab. “Consensus Lab will confidently bring significant value to accelerate TROY’s growth and offer a wider client base with the benefit of our selected portfolio in technology, trading, media and community development.”

“Troy provides industry-leading prime broker service to institutional investors and professional traders. TROY Network, the decentralized global trading and settlement network, will become a systematic important infrastructure and furthermore unlock the potential for exponential growth.” Said Xi Wang, the Investment Director of BIXIN Invest. “TROY perfectly reflects Bixin’s investment philosophy. Bixin Invest will provide Troy with ecological support and help boost its development.

Troy’s leadership were experts from Credit Suisse, CITIC Group, Huobi, OKEX, MIT. They have always been standing at the forefront of crypto market and dynamically taking advantage of the changing market conditions. The gene of pursuing excellence empowers the creation of this killer technology platform.

Most importantly, Troy Trade( has successfully outperform its peers in real-time operational data. Till now, TROY has integrated 30+ global leading crypto exchanges and 500+ cryptocurrencies. TROY’s AUM has soared to 25,000 BTC and has achieved $100 million daily trading volume. The enthusiasm of its 1000+ seed institutional users will enable TROY become a powerful player in the prime broker business and a leader in the crypto industry. TROY will continue to coordinate and facilitate extensive and complex trading needs by developing innovative services including master-level trading platform, data analytics and quantitative solutions.

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Troy Trade is a global prime broker specialized in crypto trading and asset management. We provide crypto brokerage services for institutional clients and professional traders with revolutionary products, including spot & margin trading, derivatives, data, custody, lending and staking in one account.

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Troy Trade, derived from Troy Network, is a global prime broker specialized in crypto asset trading.

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